​Coyote Guise 

As the artist dresses up
 In the trusted coyote pelt
   And each time notices
   This fur coat fits snug
Like old slippers
Never too tight or too warm

  For an artist attending an art show
  This is the most prudent costume to run wild

The artist fully dressed in guise
Fluffs fur to appear bigger and healthier
  As if to prove thriving
  Finds courage to show canine teeth
If when pointy ears hear the ignorant scoff
Never knowing who to trust
   Eyes begin to shift
   Always watching
 Poised to stand attention
 Waiting for those comments of “ooohs” and “ahhhs”
   Like a well-behaved retriever wagging tail behind

The starving artist is not a trickster
 As the coyote is often referred
  But when playing the game just right
  Affords dinner for another night
Howl at the moon the artist shall do!

And if not, stay aloof
Always observing and waiting
For the right moment to saunter away
Quietly without notice to perhaps eat another day ​

written by C. Sutherland


C. Sutherland Art

Artist, Teacher, Mentor, Master Silk Painter

Along the way, poetry edged into Christine's creative space lending itself in collaboration with her artwork.

Poetic Musings 
Poems About Art, Love, & Life

Poetry for creative minds. Poetic Musings is a collaborative journal of poetry and art by the artist and poet, Christine Sutherland, sharing a colorful journey of art, love, and life with the enjoyment of living in the moment.

Publication Date: Oct 20 2014
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