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AAUW -  Advancing equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research. 

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) is the nation’s leading voice promoting equity and education for women and girls. Since our founding in 1881, AAUW members have examined and taken positions on the fundamental issues of the day — educational, social, economic, and political.

Katie Bunn - Katie, a gypsy at heart, has an amazing gift of creating paper anything and everything, eclectic doesn't even cover everything she creates. If you are into scrapbooking this is the website to visit for inspiration.

Marcy Williams - Marcy, a writer, a storyteller, a soulful woman with fluidity of water. When she speaks she sings a song and you will find her creative juices flowing constantly. Check out the children's books she has written, two of which I illustrated the cover of. Her books are unique and not your average story.

Open Her Art - This is my future project. If you want to read more about it please visit my link. I have always wanted a retreat to teach women and girls their own 

Robert Burt - As a Fine Artist, Bob has done it all. Studied in New York, had a few galleries in North Carolina, traveling abroad to find inspiration and then studied in Texas where he felt the newness of the Southwest. Bob began as a batik artist, switched to pasels, then to acrylic painting. His simplicity in his art is his uniqueness, his passion is in the 30's, cars and trucks of that period are often found in his artwork. As well as churches and landscapes with hills and roads leading you into a road trip to anywhere but here. 

Spirit Goat - I met Becky at a Farmer's Market in Bear Lake. I was exhibiting my silk paintings and she her goat soap. We were both admiring each other, traded and I've been enjoying her soaps and specialties ever since. Love her website, it is full of wonderful gifts.

Steve Failows - Steve makes one of the most unusual original Kaleidoscopes ever seen and is well known for his humor. Quick witted New Yorker moved to Sedona early on and stayed. His unique kaledoscopes are each made to fit the special stones, fossils, or wood that he selects himself. He takes pride in enjoying his life filled with colors and ideas galore. For something unusual as the man himself his kaleidoscopes are entertaining, fun and make beautiful unusual gifts for those special occasions. 

The Snap Shield  Felipe is a wonderful man, has created a shield to make easier the hard job of painting houses. He happens to be a fine artist as well as a house painter. Small ideas making life easier... an entrepreneur! 


Textile Art

Emily Magone - Emily embodies love, art, and creativity.  I first met her in one of my basic silk painting workshops and I can honestly say you will fall in love with her immediately. Her website is exciting and new, has energy and passion. 

Don Baker  - Don's energy is full blast! He has a huge capacity for knowledge and wants to share it! His energy comes out in his passion to share design and color and motion. His website is filled with utube videos of what he creates, it's fun and full of things to buy!

Isabella Whitworth - Isabella was one of my first online silk painting friends way back when I was a beginner. She has super charged knowledge and if you want an education on silk, fabric, dyes, textiles, etc...Her website is a no nonsense serious artist full of information that I would liken to a library with pictures. You will enjoy her studies and experiments.

Jean Louis Mireault - Jean Louis, another one of my first time silk painter friends way back when I was a beginner. He was my leader in patience, it will come with time, he would often comment, and I really needed to hear this at that early stage as a silk painter. I often pass on his knowledge to my students. He is charming, wise, well traveled and his artwork is to me, nostalgic, simple yet full of color, design, and a sense of place. A visit to his website will provide you with not only creativity but also information on silk painting, all his amazing artworks are displayed well and it is always fun to hear of his travels and teachings in France and abroad.

Sissi Siska Sissi, wow, she's a hot cookie! She embodies everything with full force! She is not afraid to experiment, create, and share! Her energy is absolutely part of her artwork. Eclectic maybe but she has pizazz! Check out her art if you want to be wowed and her vitae if you want to be impressed!

Stephen & Ann Mason -Stephen, with his environmentalist background, he is a purist at heart. As a silk painter, has an great appetite for the unknown and proves it in his astonishing abstract silk art. He embodies absolute trust in the inner artist that is so admirable to most who are not connected to their inner artistic side, this takes courage and the ability to let go. His website will share with you his teaching schedule as well as all his artworks.

Karen Sistek Karen, is amazing and I really don't know how she accomplishes so much but she does it! She teaches often and her artwork is perfection. If you are looking for an energetic workshop, she's the go to gal! Her website is filled with workshop photos, information on her unique technique and she shares it all!

Daniel Jean-Baptiste -Daniel lives one of the most amazing artistic lives you could ever imagine. He is an expert in ocean life and art. He shares his art on his website with utube videos and has an amazing following of art lovers. When I first was a silk painter, I would visit his website often enjoying his artwork that would literally take me to the ocean!

Silk Painters Inernational (SPIN) - This is an awesome group. If you are a beginner silk painter, textile artist, or just want to see a lot of silk painters on one website, this is the place for that.

Surface Design If you can sign up for a magazine this would be my first choice on textile art. I love all the different mediums they include and it is an absolute inspirational and informative website.

Dharmatrading Order all your supplies here. One stop shopping! Textiles of all kinds.

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